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Grange Associates Ltd - 15 February 2012

We began construction on our new website at the end of 2011.  Before we started the construction process, we had a few objectives in mind, namely:

  • We wanted total control over the design and content
  • Relative ease of use so we were all able to contribute to updating the site
  • A simple, straightforward site that our clients would find useful

With so many different companies offering web design services and a number of software programs available to design your own website, we had much to consider before getting started.

After looking into various options, ranging from having an outside firm design and construct the site, to learning full html and web design language to build the site ourselves, we chose XSite Pro.

Given that no-one in the office had any real web design experience, XSite Pro seemed to fit our needs the best.  It provides a simple What You See Is What You Get (WYSIWYG) interface, which made it easy to produce a website to our needs, without having to learn complex html coding.  At under $200USD for the software, it also proved to be a cost-effective option.

We can now maintain and update our website with relative ease.

Once we had the new site up and running, the next step was to send out an email newsletter to let our clients know about the changes.  As an alternative to the usual Outlook mass email, we have decided instead to use MailChimp.  This is an online service that lets you create and manage your email lists, prepare email templates personalised to your business and easily send out group emails.  For the volumes we use, this service is actually free.

If you're interested to learn more about building your own website or creating an email newsletter to keep in touch with your customers, please contact us to have a chat about what we did and why we did it.

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